5 Ways To Make A Woman Orgasm

To kick off our 'Love & Relationships' section, here is what you will find is the pinnacle of articles on this subject matter. Today, we are bombarded with sex advice, especially when it comes to performance between the sheets (or anywhere else you like to get busy). This article is focused on a heterosexual dynamic. There will be a an article following this regarding a lesbian dynamic. So you have clicked onto this article in the hope of learning about 5 ways to make a woman orgasm. The title itself does not do itself justice as it could suggest that a woman is just some sexual object to make orgasm. No, context is everything. This article focuses on adults in consenting, respectful interactions/relationships. Guys, your lady is not going to complain if you are bringing her to an earth-shuddering orgasm which makes her end up in a different galaxy. The route to giving your lady a mind-blowing orgasm starts not from the physical element but the emotional and mental aspects of life and your interaction. Attraction, especially sexual is not just the raw lust adults have for each other. It is much more complex than that. Obvious raw physical attraction is the fuel to make a woman orgasm, but it is not the only fuel that leads to a massive, wet hot explosion from a woman. Fun Fact: Did you know orgasms are said unlock altered consciousness? Well, according to an article written by NewScientist online, there are various studies being conducted on this topic. Janniko Georgiadis at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands expressed "I don’t think orgasm turns off consciousness but it changes it". There is that sensation we all feel when we orgasm of "letting go". This is us being open to an altered state of consciousness. Not being resistant to it. So do not be resistant to this article but instead read on. For guys, you have landed on an article that will tap into your self-conscious and alter the state, hopefully of the way you think and interact.

Next is a statement which shows the sad state of the world that it even needs to be said. But it has to be said. Gentlemen, women are human beings who deserve to be respected at all times. If you are a guy reading this article, you should ensure that you respect women at all times, especially all boundaries. If you have problems understanding this and acting on this then you should seek medical professional help so you can correct this immediately. There are too many news stories of women being attacked and abused by men and this needs to change. The change comes from within gentlemen.

So without further delay, this is the article guys need understand how to make a woman orgasm. Ensuring that she will cum and cum back for more: These life changing tips are as follows:

  1. Natural Confidence - Guys we are not talking about this toxic masculinity, MMA fighter, caveman confidence that is advertised everywhere. We are talking about natural confidence which can only be obtained by making a conscious decision to do the following: to remove the bias from yourself. That means you will always have an assurity of your actions, you will never doubt them and they come from a place of pure peace. So in any situation and any interaction you know you are acting with the confidence of a person who has no fear and also no bad intention. Because to get your lady to hit that sweet spot of a toe curling waterfall of an orgasm, she has to have full confidence in you, that you know how to work it with the good and bad intentions she is looking for. And work it in a way which you only know how. To have the confidence to slide that tongue down the side of her neck, you know guys, the from the spot just below the back of her ear (if that is her thing). But knowledge is everything and you will know if she likes or does not like her neck being kissed and caressed. Natural confidence inspires others to be confident around you, thus your lady will find it easy to tell you what, she doesn't like and does like between the sheets. Providing the excellent platform before the stroke of a tongue, or a slow, deep grind between her thighs; for the foreplay to start. Because whether it is a quickie or a marathon sex session, the pathway to orgasm always starts from you. Because if you don't show up... her pussy won't blow up. And all foreplay starts from confidence and the confidence you inspire in her. How do get this magical confidence, you may ask. There is no magic to it. There is no secret. It starts within your heart and your mind. Making a decision to either improve as a human being or not, for the right reasons (or not). Basically, your only stumbling block is yourself. Nobody else. No external factor, no life experience, so string of bad luck... You are the holder to what you will or will not be. And guys, if you are reading this article thinking or struggling to make your lady orgasm... then you are already defeated. You will perfect these 5 ways, but only if you want to and only for the right reasons. As, if your reasons are not right... nothing will be... The question you should ask yourself is not how to make but why make her cum. Yes, a bit of a paradox of a question, but one which gives you time for self-reflection on this orgasm giving quest you are on. As guys, this article will let you into a little secret. There will be times when your lady is in that moment, a moment she needs to be in and no words need to be spoken. If you are not confident enough to act on that vibe, then you might as well stop reading this article. As confidence the confidence that is vital to this process is the one where you take all the bias out of yourself and leads you to the peak of knowledge. That is... sex is a two way thing. And if you are at either one end of the spectrum or the other, you will miss the boat, which sails to an absolute crescendo of sexual bliss. The moment your lady is having an out of body orgasm and she knows, you are enjoying giving her that orgasm, as you orgasm (or simply join in the bliss without). Remember the famous philosopher Socrates held great importance on the art of thinking and questioning. Remember what Socrates said "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance". So do not be ignorant in the necessity to respect others. Ultimate confidence is when you are thinking and right things and asking the right questions to yourself and others. Hopefully gentlemen that leads you to a place of respect for women as human beings who deserve to be respected. Because when a lady knows you truly respect her... lets just say when she wants disrespecting... you are the guy for the job.
  2. The Art Of Touch - Not everybody likes to be touched in every area. Guys you need to know this. You need to know the level of touch your lady likes and the confidence to put your mastery into action. Confidence as this article explains is taking away the bias from yourself, opening up your eyes to the needs and rights of others. So gentlemen, when your lady says she doesn't like being touched in a certain area or has to many times, this is the time to say.. OK.. I will stop now... and if you are a gentleman where it has taken many times for her to express that... you need to fucking master the art of listening and respect... body language and basic common sense... Anyways, back to the art of touch... communication is touch. We touch others minds with our words. And that can lead to physical reactions. So whether your lady wants caressing with care and understanding. You caress with care and understanding. When she wants you to a be a filthy sex toy, well first you think to what extent... and if it makes sense and is done in the right manner where everybody is comfortable... you better become that filthy 'motherfucker' she wants you to be in that moment... The flip side to this though that has to be mentioned from an earlier point is some ladies do indeed like it really hard, rough and physical between the sheets. Once boundaries are always respected and you have full confidence and trust in each other... well, for one night stands that confidence and trust may be you like the same music and food... without going off on a super tangent, experience and respect pay a huge part. Because if you have respect and self-awareness, you will always respect your own and your sex partner's boundaries at all times. So you know, the right touch, at the right moment, in the right way, for the right reasons... will set you on the path to giving your lady sweat dripping, crazily intense and the best mind-blowing orgasm ever. Your lady may be lost for words for some time after such an event. You may want to reassure her that at some stage her body will resume a balanced state. At this stage you may want to whisper some naughty words or encouragement for either round two (if she can muster the energy) or a future event, where she can book you in for another orgasm. With all touch.. if it makes sense for you and it makes sense for her... go for it! So many orgasms have been lost to a lack of knowledge. Remember guys some women can orgasm just through touch, even if that touch is many words just caressing and stimulating her desire to reach to the point of a thunderous orgasmic eruption. The Psychology Today website wrote a brilliant article highlighting that women need to be in the correct mental space. Your words guys carry great weight and power. So if you have pissed her off for a moment or for a whole week... she will not be down to orgasm, especially with you.. and even if she does... it won't be what she is really after...
  3. Let's Get Physical - Well, the time has arrived for the part where most guys just jump to. The action, getting down and dirty as some gentlemen refer to it. So let us get down to the first question. Does, size matter. Yes. Everything matters. What you decide to put in your coffee matters. But what does it matter to you to and the world. See guys, look, less is more, but in some to many cases.. lets just say less is less... and those some cases I am referring to is the context of this article title. But come on, you know the saying about the motion. You are either going to drown, she is either going to ask to get off at the next port or that ship is coming down, and she is going to hanging on for dear life. Guys, experience is everything and maybe, just maybe you guys are going to have to fail at many things, to achieve success. When this article says it starts lets get physical. Look at your own physicality, understand it and grow it for the right reasons. To be healthy and happy. As guys, women are not looking for unhealthy and unhappy guys. Yeah, that ship sailed years ago for them. So eat a balanced diet, exercise, do fun things... enjoy life and be active. Because if you are stuffing your face with crisps and sit on your ass all day and scream at the world... no lady is going to want to get down and dirty with you. On the flip side guys, if you have mastered that and you lack real confidence (not the fake one that women can see through) and you master the art of touch (both verbally and physically) there are sex toys out there that can do a far better job than you do... and have far more personality. This article is not saying you have to become an adrenalin junkie... no. Just find something you enjoy, that gets you moving in the right direction. That is the direction which will ultimately lead to the incoherent talk orgasm she may want. OK, so the motion in the ocean. Lets just say from entering the sweet lagoon you will know if your canoe is welcomed in the waters. From then you will have to know how to navigate as the waters will let you know if you are heading in the right directions. Everything could start calm and your boat will need to understand the unknown current. You may enter into white-water rapids where you will have to let the oars and the work. The key is to know how to navigate the environment you are in, whilst listening to nature (the lady you are getting down with). That is for first encounters. With a regular sex partner, you can instantly take her on the ride of her life. You are the Aquaman of her ocean and you will make sure she knows, you rule the sea. It may help to have an Aquaman physique for some ladies... not all... but I doubt they will complain at your amazing physique as much if you where in the worst shape possible. But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the previous points were not made to make you feel body conscious or fat shame. Real beauty is from withing. Being active and healthy has the health benefits we want to lead a long and happy life. So forget aesthetics. A healthy diet and physical exercise is scientifically proven to improve your mood and body for the right reasons. Some ladies like it slow, gentle with the odd wave to springboard them to a screaming conclusion. Some ladies like it when you go at their sweet lagoon like a pneumatic drill in the hands of an angry construction worker. You have to understand the waters and make sure your boat can ride those currents, thus producing that beautiful waterfall of orgasmic release for her. And different sexual positions ensure you can help her explore all what lurks in the utopia of her pussy. As there may be things which she has not discovered yet. You need to be the Eco-friendly discoverer of the islands of orgasmic bliss that are within the ocean of her pussy. Because when you give her that mind-blowing orgasm, she may need to come back to dry land when you give her multiple orgasms. Worst comes to worse you can give her some mouth to pussy resuscitation, if she especially enjoys you bringing her pussy back to life in that manner.
  4. Personality - Do we fuck personality? Yes, and no. When a lady is about to erupt a fountain of warm cum out of her lady garden, the seconds before it is highly-questionable she is thinking "Wow, this guy has a really great personality". Some woman might. But for your boat to enter her sweet lagoon, if you are an absolute cunt... then it is a no go... This article won't be this self-preaching and nauseating, blah blah blah about personality. No. This world is so crazy these days, guys you need to just go back to basics. Start off by not being an absolute cunt. Start by thinking, maybe I do not need to be an absolute cunt. One who maybe isn't just a dismissive, self-absorbed, fake self confidence, sex pest, emotionally immature... weirdo... Be a true weirdo who is the opposite of that. and blah blah blah be yourself, blah blah blah... With so much at the touch of a button people have become lost in a world of chaos... One which is shaping their mindset and infiltrating their personality. One which understands hey people have lives that do not revolve around you. Yes, unfortunately guys you are not the centre of the universe. Nobody knows what is, with an ever expanding universe. However, science and common sense says... you are not the centre of the universe. What is personality one can ask? Personality is you. Whether people can see it or not. It is you at all times. In all situations. So you have to ask yourself. Who am I? Am I the sort of guy who just wants to know 5 ways to make a woman come for all sorts of reasons. Or are you? Yes, again... that same question. Who are you? Because who you may think you are and what she actually thinks you are may be two really really really different things. And whilst this article would encourage you take the approach of life on not caring what people think (because everybody has so much to say - if you a person who is actually a cunt... you should care what people think... because being cunt most of the timetable cool...When the things you have, maybe one day disappear, then you are only left with one question. the question you ill ask yourself... "Who am I?". Maybe take some time out to today to ask yourself who you actually are? Because you may find you don't know... and what you are currently doing in life isn't going to get you any answers. Hence even reading this amazing article (which you should still read by the way).
  5. Have Fun - Yes, sex should actually be fun. Not something that welcomes dread and doom to your life. Yes, sex between two consenting adults who trust each other is a really fun thing to engage in. So take the stress of yourself and understand its fun to give and receive pleasure. If you are stressed and worried (not that it is to your detriment for many reasons) then sex will lose its fun factor and then what is the point after that. Pleasure-less sex for the year. For you to have fun you have to be in a position to welcome it. So this is where you address your life and remember love, happiness and fun, all starts from you, within yourself and the things you do in your life. The fun this article recommends is one where nobody (including yourself) is harmed or feels uncomfortable in any way). Many people are pushing the boundaries in their sex lives but if the fun is lost, for just one person... then everything is lost... when it stops being fun for the other person, you need to stop immediately. It is that simple.

So if you are a guy who has come here to find out 5 ways to make a woman orgasm, you are probably thinking many things after reading this article. For many, yes it is one of the much better articles on the subject (if not just that among the best on the web). Some gentlemen who have read this article may think, where are the 5 specific things they hoped to find and be slightly disappointed and puzzled. Well, the key thing about this article is to take what you need from it to be a better human being and a better sexual partner.